plastic file folder

clear 11 sheet protector folder


Protection is key, especially when it comes to protecting your sheets of paper. These sheet protectors are perfect for that one project that has taken you all semester. Are you super nervous that one bend of the paper is going to ruin that grade for you? Are you a person that doesn't like to take any chances? These protectors will keep your papers in order and at the same time not cause any rip or tear! Attach these to your binder for extra protection! So that professor of yours who seems to hate you for no apparent reason won't have any excuse to give you that C grade.

A. Products Information


B. OEM on sheet protector

1. Custom size

A4 / Letter

2. Material.

2.1 material thickness 0.02mm-0.06mm

2.2 material kinds: PP

2.3 Color: clear or orange pear

3. Packaging


C. Service

1. Will refund cost after confirmed the problems products from our production.

2. Help customer to an alyze the target market, and give different idea.

3. free designs

4. Reply each question from client within 24 hours.

5. Help client to search other products which we don't produce

D. trading terms